Red Fingerless Exfoliating Gloves

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Bring some passion out in your exfoliating experience with our red gloves - the power tie of the shower.  Bare Bodhi fingerless exfoliating gloves come complete with a hanging loop and a cotton drawstring travel bag so you can take them on the go.  The exclusively manufactured weave of the glove ensures a sudsy scrub with minimum effort.  Used with your favorite body soap or body wash, Bare Bodhi fingerless exfoliating gloves gently exfoliate layers of dead skin and draw out impurities from the surface of your body.  Use our gloves to help promote skin health, activate blood circulation, and even help combat those pesky ingrown hairs.  With regular use you will achieve glowing, smooth, and buttery soft skin.  Bare Bodhi fingerless exfoliating gloves are suitable for both women and men - one size fits most. 

Customer Reviews

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Cool gloves

I like them, they are easy to use. They go well with my sugar scrubs. These gloves makes it easy to scrub my feet.

Kaylee Lumsden
Great gift to give

I bought a bunch of red ones and they were such a hit! everyone was very excited to receive this fun and festive holiday gift that can be used year round, obvi haha

I use mine every Friday! love to wash off the week

Fay Greene
The first fingerless exfoliating gloves

The most amazing exfoliating shower and bath gloves I have ever used.....and the first fingerless ones on the market! You have to try them ❤️

Jason Brown
Great product

Great value, will definitely purchase again...