Why should I exfoliate?

Body exfoliation sheds dead skin cells, leaving you with brighter, smoother skin.  Routine exfoliation increases cell turnover revealing softer more youthful, supple skin.  Exfoliating your body also helps your moisturizer penetrate better and your self-tanner apply more evenly.


How do I use the gloves?

Step one: Slip into the shower or tub.  Rinse your body with warm water. Imagine the water washing away your stress, drop by drop.

Step two: Put on your gloves. Add your favorite body wash or cleansing soap to the palm of your gloves.

Step three: Lather up.

Step four: Stroke your body as you would normally with a loofah or a washcloth.  Let the glove do its job.

Step five: Rinse the gloves and hang them in a place to air dry. It’s that easy!


How often should I exfoliate?

Ideally, you should exfoliate 2 – 3 times a week.  If your skin is sensitive once a week should be sufficient.  Consult your doctor before using any exfoliating product. 


How often should I replace my gloves?

Since our glove's entire purpose is to remove dead skin cells which get caught within the fabric of the gloves, we recommend you replace your gloves every month.  We know it’s hard to remember when to order again, but don’t worry, we’ll remind you via email. 


Can I use these gloves on my face?

While tempting, we recommend that you DO NOT use these gloves on your face.  The skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive.  These gloves are designed for body use only.


Who should be exfoliating?

You can start exfoliating as early as your twenties and onward, as long as your skin can handle it.  If your skin becomes red, irritated, or starts breaking out, we recommend you discontinue use and consult your doctor.