Aqua Fingerless Exfoliating Gloves (Sensitive Skin)

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The softest of the bunch, these gloves were designed for sensitive skin. The lighter weave gives a more gentle exfoliation than the other gloves in our collection. Transport yourself to the Caribbean with this soothing aquamarine color.  It is bound to brighten your shower routine.  Bare Bodhi fingerless exfoliating gloves come complete with a hanging loop and a cotton drawstring travel bag so you can take them on the go.  The exclusively manufactured weave of the glove ensures a sudsy scrub with minimum effort.  Used with your favorite body soap or body wash, Bare Bodhi fingerless exfoliating gloves gently exfoliate layers of dead skin and draw out impurities from the surface of your body.  Use our gloves to help promote skin health, activate blood circulation, and even help combat those pesky ingrown hairs.  With regular use you will achieve glowing, smooth, and buttery soft skin.  Bare Bodhi fingerless exfoliating gloves are suitable for both women and men - one size fits most. 


Customer Reviews

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Faith Evans
Love Them!!!

It leaves my skin feeling soft…and no slip of gloves while using.

Jason Brown
Excellent product to use and perfect gift!

Can't count how many I've bought thus far, @Bare Bodhi let us know when you have a subscription!

Keisha Hussey

Aqua Fingerless Exfoliating Gloves


Finally! Gloves that exfoliate and keep my manicure in tact, I love them!

Kelly Moran
Wonderful Product

Exfoliates my skin better than any other product I have used in the past. Highly recommend.