The Quarantine Shower

“Turn off the lights. Light a candle.”

Teddy Pendergrass sure was onto something with these lyrics. Don’t know if this was his intention, but it is the perfect beginning for my favorite self-care routine – the Quarantine Shower!  This isn’t your typical everyday shower.  This is the shower where you wash with intention.  Wash away stress. Wash away worries. Love your body and thank it for getting you through each day.  The most soothing way to start is to get yourself in a relaxed state of mind… turn off the lights… light a few candles.  Typically, I do this before bedtime, but your state of mind is the most important part, not the time of day. 

The parity between mind, body, and spirit is such a balancing act.  The shower is where I focus on all three in order to achieve equilibrium.  Here I force myself to clear my mind, to be at one with the water.  I allow the tension to melt away, focus on my breath, and get back to self. 

There’s nothing like a long, hot shower taken with the intention to wash the day away.  It’s something I regularly practice, almost like a form of meditation.  Since day spas haven’t been open for months and I’m not fortunate enough to have a home jacuzzi, this shower has been a form of respite from all the chaos that exists these days.  Long after quarantine is over, I will continue to practice this ritual. For those moments alone in my shower… I am free.



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