Small Moments of Joy

A few of my favorite things: the smell of coffee in the morning, long walks in the park, watching a hummingbird feed from fresh flowers, and looking down at my nails and seeing the top coat glisten in the sun.  A manicure is more than just nail polish to me.  It’s a power symbol.  It’s a pat on the back, a reminder that everything will be okay.  It cheers me up on a bad day, ices out the sting of a break up, or, if I’m in a mood to show out, it sets the stage for a fantastic night out.  My nails are a way to express what I want to say about myself.  A beautiful manicure completely changes my attitude, my perspective, and my day.  It’s a seductive force that keeps me on track.  My manicured nails are a signature that identifies me, makes me stand out, that informs people that I’m present.  This is a metaphor for women’s right to choose.

Choose your color. Choose your shape. Choose your length.  It’s all up to you.

Exfoliating Gloves


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